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My name is Greg Garstka. I've been playing, performing and teaching  music for almost 40 years. I truly believe in the power of music to  affect peoples lives in a positive way.  For 20 years I owned  Performance Music in Westfield, MA. During that time I taught hundreds  of children, teens and adults. I created a scholarship fund in my late  Moms' name (Patricia Garstka), this fund paid for lessons and put  instruments in the hands of many young people who needed help. I also  initiated a non profit organization with Chris Dunphy (now called WOW  -Westfield on Weekends)  we wrote and received grant money from the Mass  Pike to bring diverse musics and cultures to the youth and families of  Westfield, MA. As President of Performance Music I was able to help many  musicians get their start or go on to musical fame , including Joel  Stroetzel and Adam Dutkiewicz of "KILLSWITCH ENGAGE" - John Wysocki -  "STAIND" - Desiree' Bassett - "Cirque de Soleill Michael Jackson)"-  various members of the Boston Philharmonic Ochestra. And of course my  son Matthew Garstka of "ANIMALS AS LEADERS" to name just a few.  I also toured and recorded with my own band "WOLFGANG" and released a CD  of original music.  Wolfgang still plays Rock, Blues and Reggae. There a  few new members and we now hail from Los Angeles, but the energy is  still kick ass positive.  I was very lucky to play on many artists CD's as a session guitarist at  Grammy Nominated ZING STUDIOS, including Gokh-Bi System of Senegal, who I  also toured with and played The Montreal Jazz Fest ( Main Stage). I  also played with Funk Bands- "Prime Time Players" and "Floyd Patterson". 

Los Angeles


 I am now living, playing and teaching in Los Angeles California. During  the day I focus my energies on bringing music to the elderly and in  firmed at Assisted Living Centers , Nursing and Convalescent Homes. I  was inspired by the documentary movie "Alive Inside" . It truly is  amazing to witness the change in people when I play, it is a truly humbling and gratifying experience.  At night I sing and play SOLO Acoustic / Electric (+ Harmonica) sets at area Venues  (Including The Crows Nest, The Wine Tailor,Mt.Baldy Lodge, The Victorian, The Blue Room ,  and The OceanView Bar & Grille) as well as private parties. I use a looper pedal  and backing tracks to make it sound like a whole band is playing. On  weekends I'm busy with the band "SALOON NO. 12" , playing throughout the Inland Empire, these guys are amazingly talented musicians and I'm very  happy to be with them.  That's some of my music story, lol . Aside from playing for The  President while in The Army Band, recording and touring with Reggae  Artist ADDIS I, a stint with Country Band "Southern Sounds" and  releasing several other Original Music CD's that's the highlights. I  will continue to do my best to affect people in a positive way through  music.- Greg

Music for the Elderly


Vocalist / Guitarist & Music Therapist. Upbeat/positive Music from  the 1950’s , Motown , Country and specialty songs like Hava Nagila and  La Bamba. Along with music for every Holiday occasion. My performances  are celebrations of life and music, I encourage singing along, clapping  and dancing. I have small percussion instruments (shakers and  tambourines) that are passed out for those who want to be part of the  band. I use backing tracks (bass, drums, keyboards etc) , which make it  sound like a whole band. I am on rotation at over two dozen facilities. I  take a personal interest in and try to interact with every resident who  attends after the show. We always have a great time. Musician in Los Angeles Performer in Los Angeles Greg Garstka aka "GUITARSKA" in Los Angeles


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